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          Dear OnesAll Friends,
    We are so excited that "Art of Love" is here! It has been five years since the release of "Yours, Mine and Ours", and we are ready to celebrate! We will be having download and T-shirt giveaways at our "Five Stop Release Party". (see below) CD's will be available to purchase as well.

    Every month or so, we will be highlighting a single from the CD with more in-depth focus. Our first single will be the title song Art of Love. We'll be sending out the back story and a link to the music lyric video soon.

    The CD can be purchased at:
    On iTunes:

  • Upcoming:
  • We have upcoming performances at St. Philip's Plaza, Fini's Landing, Sentinel Brewery, The Station, House of Bards, Culinary Dropout and more! Check out our performance calendar.
  • OnesAll is very proud to a featured SAACA artist!
       Hope to see you soon!

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About the BanD

Kathi McKay   Jordan Stafford    John Stafford

Jordan created the band OnesAll when he was seventeen years old. He has written and recorded many songs for the band and is the creative edge for OnesAll. His unique style has developed as a singer, guitarist, bass guitarist and percussionist as well as successful writer and producer. Listen to some of his original productions at He is also contributing writer/producer for "Phantom Soul" and "Before Babel".
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Kathi has performed professionally since the age of 13, in more than 40 states singing as an opening act for Ella Fitzgerald, Pearl Bailey, Three Dog Night, Hiroshima, Tammy Wynette, Tennessee Ernie Ford and many other major artists. She has also written and produced award-winning advertisement jingles, and scores for radio, TV and Independent film. She is also a successful keyboard and vocal instructor, and founder of the group "Gurlie Pop".
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John is a very successful rock/prog guitarist with rocket speed,  thick, rich dessert tone and precision articulation. (Anyone who knows John, knows that he is alien--cause no one can eat that much, or play that fast and still be human). He has written award winning commercial jingles as well as produced many projects for other Tucson artists. He was born in Tacoma, WA and landed in Tucson as a much sought after guitar instructor at the age of 19. He has written, recorded and performed with Kathi McKay for over twenty years in bands all over the United States.
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  Kent Baker

is a funk rock band from Tucson, AZ. This family of musicians entertains it's solid fan base by fusing thick funky grooves and tight vocals with exciting rock sounds.
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OnesAll Rhythm Section

Abel Salgado

Art of Love Backstory
Art of Love is a true labor of love. It has been five years since the release of "Yours, Mine and Ours" (our first CD) and we are excited to share this music with you.

The CD contains nine songs that range from upbeat rock to downbeat electronic. It has been an interesting journey to explore our "artsy" side with this project.

All of the songs on this CD were written and performed and produced by Kathi McKay, Jordan Stafford & John Stafford with the exception of "Colour of My Pain" which was written by former Level 42 drummer, Phil Gould and Al Slavic.

The title song "Art of Love" uses common descriptive words generally used in visual art to describe the concepts of love through the art of music:
Balance, emphasis, movement, proportion, rhythm, unity, and variety
Line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space.

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