2018 News

In 2017, you gave us the best possible gift...your support! You make every gig so fun and we hope you get a feeling of connection with friends every time you come to see us. Thank you!! We sincerely hope our music brings you joy.

Some of our goals for this year:

  • Audio Visual - For 2018, we are adding some great talent to the OnesAll experience. Connor Button and Rob Munshower will be joining us as part our sound/lights/video team.
  • Communication - Anna Sandin and Melissa Benjamin will be helping us with communication for our performances and events! They will be helping us reach out more on social media, as well with as our email mailing list.
  • Original Music - We will soon be releasing a video of our latest song, "Closer", and in early 2018, we will be adding "Time to Party", "Explanation Edited" to our playlist, and later in the year we will be finishing up an EP with more new songs.
  • More New Venues - Last year, we added 3 new venues in Arizona. For 2018, we have already booked gigs at 3 additional new venues and will be adding even more...

We hope to see you soon!

Kathi McKay   Jordan Stafford    John Stafford

Kent Baker       Ryan Petersavage

Check out some projects by these "Yours, Mine and Ours" Guests Artists...
  Erika Sotelo, Barry Sparks, Bill Strey,  Brock Lange, Jeff Coburn,
Kagran Lange,  Rick Adams, Rudy Barajas

Jordan started the band OnesAll when he was seventeen years old. He has written and recorded many songs for the band and is the creative edge for OnesAll. His unique style has developed as a singer, guitarist, bass guitarist and percussionist as well as successful writer and producer. Listen to some of his original productions at He is also contributing writer to "Phantom Soul" and "Before Babel".
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Kathi has performed professionally since the age of 13, in more than 40 states singing as an opening act for Ella Fitzgerald, Pearl Bailey, Three Dog Night, Hiroshima, Tammy Wynette, Tennessee Ernie Ford and many other major artists. She has also written and produced award-winning advertisement jingles, and scores for radio, TV and Independent film. She is also a successful keyboard and vocal instructor, and founder of the group "Gurlie Pop".
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John is a very successful rock/prog guitarist with rocket speed,  thick, rich dessert tone and precision articulation. (Speaking of food, he can eat anything he wants and still sport washboard abs-and speaking of rockets, anyone who knows John, knows that he is alien--cause no one can eat that much, or play that fast and still be human). He has written award winning commercial jingles as well as produced many projects for other Tucson artists. He was born in Tacoma, WA and landed in Tucson as a much sought after guitar instructor at the age of 19. He has written, recorded and performed with Kathi McKay for over twenty years in bands all over the United States.
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We get many questions about Erika and want to take the opportunity to set the record straight. Yes, she really is that small...Yes, she really is that young and YES, she really is that talented! She began playing bass as John's student when she was 14, and by the time she joined OnesAll is 2012, she could easily cover bass master Barry Sparks lines ("Throw it All Away") and follow Jonn's racing guitar lines ("Black Nights"). If you have seen Erika perform, you soon witness that her playing is as amazing as her smile. Erika will be taking a hiatus from OnesAll in the fall of 2013, to attend Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. We will miss her!
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Brock's sixth grade orchestra instructor gave Brock an upright bass (was it because he was the tallest in the class?) and he learned the fine art of all things bass from an early age. He decided that mastering the bass was not challenging enough, so he got his Masters Degree in History and decided to teach high school for a real challenge. He is the guest artist on "Loyalty" on "Yours, Mine and Ours", and has a project with his brother, Jordan called "Before Babel" that intrigues the mind and soothes the soul with the cool electric grooves and voice over inspirations. Brock currently performs with Rival Shapes.
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